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Prospect Heights Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening in Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights Teeth Whitening
Prospect Heights Teeth Whitening

At the offices of Michael L. Bolden DDS, we perform Prospect Heights teeth whitening procedures for patients who want whiter, cleaner teeth. Often times, patients come to our offices mentioning that they’d like their teeth whitened, but they’re not sure what they can do. That’s where we come in, while we explain how teeth whitening can make your teeth brighter and more healthy-looking.

A Prospect Heights teeth whitening procedure at our offices is easy and painless. We will walk you through the steps beforehand just to let you know what the procedure is like. You can also call a staff member to ask questions about the whitening procedure, as well as schedule appointments for your new teeth whitening. Sometimes we also offer patients a take-home kit that can be used at home and during their own time. This sometimes makes it easier for a patient’s schedule. We are open during convenient business hours to be able to accommodate all of our patients. We have been in practice for a long time, providing patients with the best in dentistry and teeth whitening. It’s normal for teeth to become stained over time due to substances like wine, nicotine and coffee. A whitening can help spruce up teeth again.

Dr. Bolden is a graduate of Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and was a resident at Harlem Hospital Center, making him a highly trained and specialized professional and periodontist. To make things easy for our patients and to serve a wider range, we have two offices, one in Brooklyn, and one in New York, NY. We have been serving the area for over 20 years with pride. Our Prospect Heights teeth whitening offices are state of the art and we also offer convenient parking and ease getting to our offices. Patients can feel free to make appointments either online, or through phone.

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