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Pocket Reduction Surgery in Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn Periodontist
Downtown Brooklyn Periodontist

If your gum pockets have become so deep that they harbor harmful bacteria, it can lead to a host of consequences. Our Downtown Brooklyn periodontist wants you to know that unchecked bacteria deep in your gum pockets can result in recurring gum disease as well as tooth loss, bone tissue loss, and even diseases outside of the oral cavity. With pocket reduction surgery, however, the odds are good that you can achieve and maintain a high level of periodontal well-being and avoid the negative impact that can be associated with unusually deep gum pockets.

Gum disease advances much more easily when it has a hiding place to evade your brushing and flossing efforts. In the first stage of gum disease, which is called gingivitis, you may notice no symptoms or very mild ones, such as irritated or reddened gums. When it is detected by our Downtown Brooklyn periodontist at this early point, the solution is a standard teeth cleaning as you would get during any regular dental checkup. In more stubborn cases, a second cleaning may be required, though. As the disease progresses to the advanced stage of periodontitis, and particularly if it is ignored by not going in for a six month checkup, more obvious signs emerge. You might experience persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding gums when you brush, and possibly loose teeth. Infections, swelling, and bone loss can also occur.

A deeper cleaning called scaling and root planing is the usual treatment for periodontitis. Our Downtown Brooklyn periodontist digs deep down to your roots to get at the bacteria, plaque, and tartar. But if your gum pockets are too deep, the effects will not be lasting and you will soon enough be dealing the problem again. This is where pocket reduction surgery is so beneficial. With more normal sized gum pockets, your brushing and flossing will be more effective. You won’t be putting your gums, teeth, and bone tissue in jeopardy. And you won’t be risking the very real possibility of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke when a buildup of bacteria escapes your gum pockets and wreaks havoc elsewhere in your body.

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