Dental implants in Prospect Heights

Dental Implants in Prospect Heights

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Dental implants in Prospect Heights

Empty space that used to house one or more of your natural teeth makes for self-consciousness about smiling, laughing, or even speaking in front of other people, but that isn’t the only reason to replace them. Your other teeth may shift, your jaws can become misaligned, and even your chewing will be less efficient if those teeth are used for that task. At the practice of Michael L. Bolden, DDS, you can depend on expert placement of our dental implants in Prospect Heights to restore your full smile.

Why not get a traditional bridge or dentures? There is certainly nothing wrong with either of those options. They have remained popular over a long period of time and they do the jobs for which they are intended, which is to give you a restoration for your lost teeth and give you a more complete chewing surface. But our dental implants in Prospect Heights are different. They are built to mimic the qualities of your natural teeth, by having a root underneath the gums in addition to a tooth above it. That means that our dental implants in Prospect Heights are able to give you the confidence that real teeth do. They don’t require any messy adhesive or affect your surrounding teeth, and they won’t move or slide when you speak or chew. Speaking of that, you can chew even the toughest and crunchiest foods with no problem at all. They consist of a titanium post which your jaw bone grows around and fuses with; a small healing collar that doubles as a support for the tooth; and then there is the crown made of porcelain that is cemented to the post and held steady by the support collar.

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