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Brooklyn Gum Grafting

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Periodontist in Brooklyn

Brooklyn gum grafting
Brooklyn gum grafting

If you have been wanting to improve the look and feel of your smile, you will do well to make an appointment to visit us at Michael L Bolden, DDS. Our periodontist, Dr. Michael L. Bolden, will be able to provide you with a Brooklyn gum grafting treatment which will not only serve to make your smile more attractive, but it may also make your teeth feel less sensitive as well.

At our dental practice, we provide patients with Brooklyn gum grafting services. If you have gum disease, or you brush your teeth with too firm a toothbrush, your gums may begin to recede. This will not only make your smile look unattractive, but it can also make your teeth sensitive. When our dentist provides you with gum graft surgery it will also help to prevent additional gum recession and subsequent bone loss. Gum grafts can also be used to cover tooth roots or to further develop your gum tissue. Our periodontist performs gum graft surgery by taking gums tissue from your palate. This tissue is then used to cover the exposed tooth root. This treatment can be performed just around one tooth, or it can even be performed around a complete row of teeth. This will make your teeth much more comfortable as you will no longer experience gum sensitivity. Sometimes the new gum graft can cover exposed tooth roots, and keep them from developing any decay. The results of our gum grafts are not only a more beautiful smile, but greatly improved periodontal health. Many patients find that gum grafts allow them to eat in greater comfort and smile with greater confidence.

For an appointment to meet with our periodontist for Brooklyn gum grafting, contact us today. We help many patients not only have healthy gums, but help them to have more attractive smiles as well.

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